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Our team is here to ensure access to healthcare on demand

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Enabling access to healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all patients at their request.

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 True open access healthcare platform matching differentiated services with patient needs at the right time and cost 

About Us

Healthcare expedited

Our founder is both a physician and a patient and realized that despite all of the online providers currently available he was not able to provide care without being on staff at an established provider and couldn't get access to his doctors despite all of the online portals.

Access for All

With Elixr, all patients will be able to establish an account, have portable health care records and access their doctors or any other doctors on demand.  At the price of a co-pay.  That is truly accessible healthcare.  Busy lives need better options.

What This Means

Patients and Doctors connected over our portal can now seek healthcare at the push of a button.  The uninsured, busy moms, elderly and all patients can seek affordable healthcare visits through our portal and from any location.


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